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I make Nomad List, Remote OK, Places to Work, Colive and am now learning 3D to launch my first VR apps. I travel to work from anywhere, bootstrap companies and only own what fits in my backpack. I also made 12 startups in 12 months. Before, I made a YouTube w/ 100+ mln views. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram or read my posts. You can pre-order my book MAKE now.

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Feb '17Hacker NewsThe ICANN mafia has taken my site hostage for 2 days now
Feb '17Co-working spacesMost coworking spaces don’t make money; here’s how they can adapt to survive the future
Jan '17FutureIn 1956, Constant Nieuwenhuys predicted “a society of total automation in which the need to work is replaced with a nomadic life of creative play”
Dec '16TutorialsMake your own Olark feedback form without Olark
Oct '16TravelHow to fix flying
Oct '16TutorialsRobots make mistakes too: How to log your server with push notifications straight to your phone
Oct '16EntrepreneurshipChoosing entrepreneurship over a corporate career
Oct '16Quotes“I can’t buy happiness anymore. I’ve bought everything that I ever wanted. There’s not really anything I want anymore.”
Oct '16Learning 3dFrom web dev to VR: How to get started with VR development
Oct '16FutureWhat I would do if I was 18 now
Sep '16EntrepreneurshipBootstrapping Side Projects into Profitable Startups
Aug '16SocietyKids
Aug '16SocietyHow I cured (most of) my anxiety
Jul '16TutorialsWe have an epidemic of bad posture
Jul '16TutorialsFixing “Inf and NaN cannot be JSON encoded” in PHP the easy way
Jun '16CreativityMy third time in a float tank and practicing visualizing the future
Jun '16AutomationHow to add shareable pictures to your website with some PhantomJS magic
May '16TutorialsRepurposing your old iPhone as a FaceTime device for your parents
May '16SocietyMy chatbot gets catcalled
May '16Learning 3dFrom web dev to 3d: Learning 3d modeling in a month
Mar '16SocietyMy second time in a sensory deprivation chamber
Mar '16Learning 3dDay 30 of Learning 3d 🎮 Cloning objects 👾👾👾
Mar '16Learning 3dDay 29 of Learning 3d 🎮 Glass, reflectives, HD, coloring and more details
Feb '16Learning 3dDay 27 of Learning 3d 🎮 Details, details, DETAILS!
Feb '16Learning 3dDay 23 of Learning 3d 🎮 Filling up the street and adding shadows
Feb '16Learning 3dDay 22 of Learning 3d 🎮 Added rain, blinking lights, sound, textured menu sign and a VR web app
Feb '16Learning 3dDay 21 of Learning 3d 🎮 High res textures, physical rendering and ambient occlusion
Feb '16Learning 3dDay 20 of Learning 3d 🎮 Objects and camera perspectives 🙆
Feb '16FutureMy first time floating in a sensory deprivation tank ☺️
Feb '16Learning 3dDay 10 of Learning 3d 🎮 Making complex objects by combining shapes 🙆
Feb '16Learning 3dDay 4 of Learning 3d: @shoinwolfe visits the actual street I’m modeling 🏮😎🏮
Feb '16Learning 3dDay 1 of Learning 3d 🎮 I learnt how to make shapes, move, rotate and scale them + how to texturize, and add colored lights 💆
Feb '16CreativityI’m Learning 3d 🎮
Jan '16AutomationThe things I have to do to read an email sent to me by my government
Jan '16TutorialsHow to use your iPhone as a better Apple TV alternative (with VPN)
Dec '15TechHere’s a crazy idea: automatically pause recurring subscription of users when you detect they aren’t actually using your app
Dec '15SocietyStop calling night owls lazy, we’re not
Dec '15QuotesWe are the heroes of our own stories
Oct '15Future“There will be 1 billion digital nomads by 2035”
Oct '15PressTobias van Schneider interviewed me about everything
Oct '15TechWhy doesn’t Twitter just asks its users to pay?
Oct '15FuturePunk died the moment we learnt that the world WAS in fact getting better, not worse
Oct '15EntrepreneurshipStop being everyone’s friend
Oct '15FutureVaporwave is the only music that fits the feeling futuristic Asian mega cities give me
Sep '15SocietyWe live in a world built by dead people
Sep '15FutureWhy global roaming data solutions don’t make any sense
Aug '15TechHow to export your Slack’s entire archive as HTML message logs
Aug '15TutorialsHow to play GTA V on your MacBook (and any other PC game)
May '15AsiaI uploaded 4 terabyte over Korea’s 4G, and paid $48
May '15Nomad ListHow I sped up Nomad List by 31% with SPDY, CloudFront and PageSpeed
May '15TechMy weird code commenting style based on HTML tags
May '15SocietyNow is probably the time to make HTTPS the default on all your sites and apps
Apr '15EntrepreneurshipDo the economics of remote work retreats make any sense?
Apr '15SocietyDon’t grow up
Apr '15FutureCalling people “expat” or “nomad” is just as irrelevant as calling internet users “netizens”
Apr '1512 Startups in 12 MonthsHow I built Remote | OK and launched it to #1 on Product Hunt
Mar '15SocietyOur society is not in line with our natural reward systems, and alcohol and drug abuse proves it
Mar '15AutomationMakers have become the invisible hand
Mar '15AutomationHow technology is shaping our future: billions of self-employed makers and a few mega corporations
Jan '15FutureWe are the orcas at Sea World
Dec '14SocietyLove, Anxiety and Startups: My Year in 50 Tweets
Dec '1412 Startups in 12 MonthsHow to backup your Linode or Digital Ocean VPS to Amazon S3
Dec '14FutureThe total chaos that the dawn of the 21st century has become
Nov '1412 Startups in 12 MonthsHow I hacked Slack into a community platform with Typeform
Nov '1412 Startups in 12 MonthsHow to successfully build a community around your startup
Oct '14EntrepreneurshipThe ideal place to start a startup is not necessarily in Silicon Valley
Oct '14Quotes“If I had this, I would be happy”
Oct '1412 Startups in 12 MonthsThis is what happens when FlightFox copies your entire site without attribution
Oct '1412 Startups in 12 MonthsGIFbook, the first animated GIF flipbook
Oct '14Chiang MaiOn Thailand’s immigration police targeting digital nomads
Sep '14QuotesWhy traveling makes you feel lost
Sep '1412 Startups in 12 MonthsHow I build my minimum viable products
Aug '1412 Startups in 12 MonthsHow I built Nomad Jobs, a remote job board for 100% distributed startups
Aug '14MusicDanism & Rae – Sirens
Aug '1412 Startups in 12 MonthsHow I got my startup to #1 on both Product Hunt and Hacker News by accident
Aug '14SocietyWhy does Generation Y feel so lost? And what’s the cure?
Jul '14AsiaBali is the magical voodoo spirit island of Asia
Jul '14CoverIdeals, fears and the script of life
Jun '14PrivacyHow to access anyone’s Telegram messages without unlocking their phone
Jun '14CoverThe achiever in crisis
Jun '14EntrepreneurshipHow I did not sell my startup today
Jun '14CoverThe free fall that is coming home after traveling the world
Jun '14CoverNever dismiss your ideals as post-adolescent fantasy
May '1412 Startups in 12 MonthsMy 3rd startup: Tubelytics, the real-time dashboard for YouTube publishers
May '1412 Startups in 12 MonthsHow Go Fucking Do It raised $30,000+ in pledges in less than a month
May '14MinimalismWe have an ideologically broken and personally unfulfilling society
May '14CoverOn self-funding startups
May '14Hacker NewsRun through ideas quickly
May '14CoverIf you can’t express yourself by email, you’re not worthy of anyone’s time
Apr '1412 Startups in 12 MonthsMy 2nd startup: Go Fucking Do It, set a goal + deadline and if you fail, you pay
Apr '1412 Startups in 12 MonthsOver 2,000 people played their inbox with Play My Inbox
Apr '14AsiaCelebrating my birthday North Korean style
Apr '14AutomationHow Automation Left Us Feeling Empty
Mar '1412 Startups in 12 MonthsPlay My Inbox, collect music from your inbox and playlist them
Mar '1412 Startups in 12 MonthsI’m Launching 12 Startups in 12 Months
Feb '14TutorialsHow to protect your backups from solar flares with a faraday cage
Feb '14MusicLinkoban – Oh Oh
Feb '14QuotesNationality is an accident of birth
Jan '14AsiaHow I Went From 100 To 0 Things (Or How I Was Robbed of All My Stuff)
Jan '14SocietyAll Watched Over by Machines of Living Grace
Dec '13AsiaCelebrating NYE 2014 in Hong Kong
Dec '13AsiaHow I ended up in Hong Kong (or my adventures in the New York of the East)
Nov '13BitcoinIt’s practically impossible for regular people to buy Bitcoin
Nov '13Music2014 is the year techstep drum and bass makes its comeback
Nov '13MusicRinse FM, here’s your podcast feed we’ve always wanted
Nov '13CoverHow I travel the world with just a carry-on bag
Nov '13AsiaHow I spent the night with Singapore’s migrant workers
Nov '13AsiaWhy I want to live in Singapore
Nov '13BitcoinHow I predict Bitcoin’s price by tracking Twitter mentions
Nov '13MusicJames Blake & Chance The Rapper – Life Round Here
Nov '13MusicSasha Keable – Careless Over You
Oct '13CoverWhy are the Vietnamese so rude?
Oct '13MusicWiley – And Again
Oct '13Ho Chi MinhThe myth of a globalized world
Oct '13Remote workingRemote working is the future
Oct '13CoverWhat happens when you’re #1 on Hacker News for a day
Oct '13UncategorizedSteve Summers – New Surroundings
Oct '13AsiaWhat I learnt from bootstrapping my startup from Thailand in six months
Oct '13MusicPalms Trax – Equation
Oct '13QuotesCash means controlling your own destiny
Sep '13CoverYou’re just a piece of a heartless shitty machine that makes money
Sep '13AutomationAutomation Will Free Us From the Endless Consumption/Production Cycle We’re In
Sep '13FutureNational Borders Have Become Irrelevant
Sep '13FutureA Culture of Distraction is Not The Problem
Aug '13PrivacyGovernments are always ready to grab the greatest degree of power that the people will give them
Aug '13EntrepreneurshipYou constantly need to be painting or it looks like total crap
Aug '13PrivacyOversight: Thank You For Volunteering, Citizen
Aug '13AutomationStripe launches beta in the Netherlands
Jul '13PrivacyGoogle+ spamming people every 2 weeks to put up a profile photo
Jul '13AsiaThe 100 Thing Challenge – From 200 to 20 things in 3 months
Jul '13AsiaLiving in a Hotel
Jul '13AsiaThe Story of my Visa Run to Tachileik in Myanmar
Jul '13CoverThis is what “acting professionally” results in
Jul '13CoverLockah – Sly Winking Usury
Jun '13CreativityStand-up comedians on creativity
Jun '13AutomationWith jobs gone, will robot owners pay people’s income?
Jun '13Hacker NewsMoney as an enslavement method
Jun '13CoverMake money where prices are high, spend it where prices are low. Does income arbitrage work?
Jun '13AsiaFinding an apartment in Chiang Mai
Jun '13CoverAdd HTTPS to NGINX for free and help make the world more secure
Jun '13AsiaCo-Working Spaces in Chiang Mai: PunSpace
Jun '13AsiaMoving to Chiang Mai
Jun '13AsiaMy Bad Day At The Co-Working Space
Jun '13QuotesIf it’s in the news, don’t worry about it
May '13AsiaThe 24-Hour Coffee Place in Bangkok: Too Fast To Sleep
May '13MusicNosaj Thing x Chance the Rapper – Paranoia
May '13Cover“There simply are no other fields in which I can spend $100 tomorrow and set up a new business…”
May '13Entrepreneurship“Speaking as a graduate of one, top schools teach you credentialing and ladder climbing…”
May '13AsiaKoh Phangan is the Disneyland of Partying
May '13AsiaVisiting Koh Samui, the island of paradise
May '13AsiaFrom dive bar to roof-top bar to roof-top pool in Bangkok
May '13Quotes“To awaken quite alone in a strange town…”
May '13AsiaCo-working spaces in Bangkok: Launchpad
Apr '13AsiaThe 100 Thing Challenge
Apr '13Quotes“Do whatever you’re drawn to”
Apr '13AsiaCo-working spaces in Bangkok: Hubba
Apr '13AsiaReset your life
Mar '13TechOSX Terminal Tricks
Mar '13TutorialsOSX for Windows users
Mar '13TechHow I switched from PC to Mac in less than 7 days
Feb '13FutureBlack Mirror is the best TV series I have seen in years
Feb '13Hacker NewsWhy overnight success is a myth
Feb '13CreativityConstraints make people more creative
Feb '13MusicKitty Pryde & Riff Raff – Orion’s Belt
Feb '13CoverDedicating our lives to what is essentially an organization to make money
Feb '13SocietyWatch The Pirate Bay: Away From the Keyboard
Jan '13CoverMy new music video for rap duo RASA
Jan '13CreativityWhat if money was no object in your life?
Jan '13CreativityWhy attention to detail matters, even if no one notices the details
Jan '13CreativityIn the 21st century, Maria Montessori shows to be more relevant than ever
Dec '12CoverUnless the job itself is your dream, stay the fuck away from salaried jobs
Nov '12CreativitySuccess is One Big Hoax
Oct '12CoverFML – OCTOPU$$Y
Oct '12AutomationThe death of the corporate drone
Oct '12CoverThe West’s unemployment problem is permanent
Oct '12CoverUPSKRT – Brynn’s Theme
Oct '12Stuff I madeNew Panda Mix Show branding and website
Sep '12EntrepreneurshipHow technology changed the music industry
Aug '12MusicHeadhunterz – Power of Music
Aug '12EntrepreneurshipEssendle interview on my music and my YouTube show
Aug '12MusicThe XX – Angels
Aug '12MusicSpenzo – Ova
Aug '12MusicAnna Lunoe & Diamond Lights – Stronger (Willy Joy Remix)
Jul '12MusicHerve feat. Ronika – How Can I Live Without You (Make it Right) (Death Rose Cult Remix)
Jul '12MusicPheo – Nyquil
Jul '12CoverI love minimalist living
Jul '12EntrepreneurshipWhy buying YouTube views is bad
Jul '12MusicCitizen – Deep End
Jul '12MusicD!RTY AUD!O intro
Jul '12EntrepreneurshipAnybody can monetize their passion (now)
Jun '12MusicDiplo – No Problem
Jun '12MusicSkream – Thoughts of You
Jun '12MusicTEED – Blood Pressure
Jun '12CreativityToday is the first day of the rest of your life
Jun '12MusicUPSKRT – America
Jun '12CoverHappiness maximization vs. profit maximization
Jun '12FutureMusic genres are dead
Jun '12CreativityMake a great product
May '12CoverRedlight – Get Out My Head (UPSKRT Remix)
Mar '12CoverFML – Comazuipen (UPSKRT Remix)
Feb '12CoverFML – Comazuipen
Jan '12CoverRasa – Noem ‘t Wat Je Wilt
Jan '12CoverTyga – Coconut Juice (Crave x UPSKRT Remix)
Dec '11CoverRasa – Hard & Soul
Nov '11VideoEarth
Nov '11CoverLights – Siberia (UPSKRT Remix)
Nov '11CoverUPSKRT – Cockblockalypse
Oct '11CoverLNP – Occupy Miami
Oct '11MusicFML – Verder
Oct '11CoverWhat if your ambitions are too high?