A few years ago I sold all my stuff to explore the world, creating 12 startups in 12 months and building $1M+/y companies as an indie maker such as Nomad List and Remote OK. I'm also a big pusher of remote work and async and analyze the effects it has on society. Follow me on Twitter or see my list of posts. My first book MAKE is out now. Contact me
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Stuff I made

This House Does Not Exist

Inflation Chart: the stock market adjusted for the US-dollar money supply

Lorn - The Slow Blade ✕ Hong Kong

Monitoring Bali's undersea internet cable

Nomad List turns 5

I'm Product Hunt's Maker of the Year again!

In a world of outrage, mute words

Building a startup in public: from first line of code to frontpage of Reddit

Hong Kong Express - 上海 (Shanghai)

The things I have to do to read an email sent to me by my government

My 2nd startup: Go Fucking Do It, set a goal + deadline and if you fail, you pay

Play My Inbox, collect music from your inbox and playlist them

I'm Launching 12 Startups in 12 Months

My new music video for rap duo RASA

New Panda Mix Show branding and website