I'm the maker of a site to find the best places to live for a digital nomad, a remote job board and a neighborhood map app. I travel to work from anywhere, bootstrap side projects into open startups and only own what fits in my backpack. I also made 12 startups in 12 months. Before that startups, I made a YouTube w/ 100+ mln views. Follow me on Twitter or read my blog. You can buy my book MAKE now.

Automation Will Free Us From the Endless Consumption/Production Cycle We're In

Consumption doesn’t improve economy or humanity in general. Neither does production. If you want to help, start automating things. (..) We all know working long hours to buy the Nike’s that commercial sold you is foolish. (..) If we want to break the cycle of working long hours just to get fat, let’s stop working those long hours, stop spending that money, and use that time to automate something. It’s the automation that frees us from the consumption/production cycle.

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P.S. I just wrote a book on bootstrapping indie startups called MAKE. And I'm now on Twitter too if you'd like to follow more of my adventures. I don't use email so tweet me your questions.

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