I make Nomad List and am now learning 3d to make VR. I travel to work from anywhere, bootstrap companies and only own what fits in my backpack. I also made 12 startups in 12 months. Before, I founded a music network on YouTube w/ 100+ mln views. Follow my adventures on Twitter or see a list of my posts. You can pre-order my book MAKE now.

My second time in a sensory deprivation chamber

Day 30 of Learning 3d 🎮 Cloning objects 👾👾👾

Day 29 of Learning 3d 🎮 Glass, reflectives, HD, coloring and more details

Day 27 of Learning 3d 🎮 Details, details, DETAILS!

Day 23 of Learning 3d 🎮 Filling up the street and adding shadows

Day 22 of Learning 3d 🎮 Added rain, blinking lights, sound, textured menu sign and a VR web app

Day 21 of Learning 3d 🎮 High res textures, physical rendering and ambient occlusion

Day 20 of Learning 3d 🎮 Objects and camera perspectives 🙆

My first time floating in a sensory deprivation tank ☺️

Day 10 of Learning 3d 🎮 Making complex objects by combining shapes 🙆